Lexington Responds As Weather Worsens

The storm is causing huge problems for emergency officials here in Lexington.

The fire department had more than 235 calls between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon. Nearly half of those were reports of small fires due to downed power lines.

Police are managing roadways and intersections where there are obstructions in the road or traffic lights are out. Most of the problems are near Versailles Road and Georgetown Road.

There have almost 40 minor traffic accidents since midnight Tuesday and around 40 traffic lights were still out on Wednesday afternoon.

With close to 41,000 people in Fayette County without power, the city of Lexington has now setup an emergency shelter at Dunbar High School. Those who need a warm place to stay and meals can go there.

Community centers around town are also open to the public. The shelters will remain open as long as they are needed.

If you need help getting to shelters here in Lexington, or need help getting vital medicine, the sheriff's department has activated its emergency transportation division.

You need to call them at 252-1771 for a ride. They'll also check on someone if you're worried about someone who may be out of power or in need.

Click Here for a Full List of Shelters

Crews are also out and about in Lexington, cutting up downed tree limbs. As crews move through neighborhoods they will cut up trees and limbs to clear the roadways and stack the wood on the curb. Pick-up will follow at a later date.

Garbage pickup was suspended again on Wednesday and will start back up as soon as the weather allows.

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