Montgomery County Man: "It's A Waiting Game" With The Power Company

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A Montgomery man says power lines have fallen on his home, a utility pole is laying in his yard and no one seems to care.

Gary Oney of Jeffersonville says the utility pole in front of his home snapped days ago, causing electrical wires to land on his home and the rooftop of his neighbor's home. He says he immediately called 9-1-1 to have the hazard removed.

Montgomery County 9-1-1 Officials say they called Oney's power company right away to alert them to the situation. "We used all of our resources to help this man by contacting the electric company", says Ann Shanks with Montgomery County 9-1-1. But despite the efforts of 9-1-1 officials and Gary Oney--who's called the power company more than half a dozen times-- days later the power company still hasn't come to to remove the dangerous wires from the property.

Oney says he's concerned that the wires may "come alive" and set his home on fire, or hurt his family.

The Jeffersonville man says he knows crews are busy, he just hopes someone gets to him before it's too late.

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