Hundreds Buy Generators During Power Outage

Thousands all across Central Kentucky remain in the dark, after losing power during this week's major storm.

With families left without electricity for days, hundreds have been flocking to Home Depot in Lexington, one of the few places where you can find generators.

Since Wednesday, the stores on Richmond Road and Harrodsburg Road have sold more than 1500 generators.

Store managers say they can barely keep up with the demand. The store on Harrodsburg Road receives about 250 generators per shipment. People are waiting hours in some cases to wait for the next round to come.

Managers at both stores say they will continue to order generators as the need continues.

O'Reilly Auto Parts on Versailles Road will also be getting a shipment of about 150 generators on Friday. They should be for sale around 3 p.m.

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