Obama Hosts Labor Leaders, Will Undo Bush Orders

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama is playing to one of
the Democratic Party's most reliable constituencies again today.
Organized labor leaders will be on hand when Obama reverses a
number of his predecessor's executive orders that critics regard as
Among the four executive orders Obama plans to overturn is one
that allows unionized companies to post signs informing workers
that they're allowed to decertify their union.
Critics claim it's unfair since nonunion businesses aren't
required to post signs letting workers know they're legally allowed
to unionize.
Officials plan to re-announce a Middle Class Task Force aimed at
finding ways to help an economic group that has been hammered by
the recession. it'll be led by Vice President Joe Biden.
Labor leaders were also on hand yesterday when Obama signed his
first major piece of legislation, an equal-pay act that organized
labor and women's groups championed.

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