Harrison County Hit Hard By Winter Weather

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Looking over the snow-covered town of Cynthiana, one may not know all the trouble it's had. Even emergency responders aren't escaping the mess Mother Nature left behind. Many of the deputies of the Harrison County Sheriff's Department lost power to their own homes.

Thousands of people are still without power, and now a creeping concern is flooding of the river and creeks in the area as the ice starts to melt.

The effects of the winter storm are also being blamed for the death of Norma and James Penwell, who died in their home of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning after leaving a generator on in the basement of their home.

The couple and their dog were discovered Thursday afternoon when Harrison County Sheriff's Deputies went on a wellness check after family members hadn't heard from the couple in several days, a tragedy among several checks made.

It was out of gas by the time authorities arrived Thursday afternoon. The coroner says the power to the home had been restored. Authorities say they may have been dead for 20 hours before they were found.

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