Church Must Go On

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In Madison County, many people are still dealing with outages. Nearly 10 thousand by Kentucky Utilities count, but that didn't stop hope from prevailing from the Sunday morning pulpits.

A couple hundred people filled the pews at St. Mark Catholic Church in Richmond. For several days the church had no electricity, but it came back on Saturday.

However, many of the parishioners as well as the pastor, Father Jim Sichko, are still without power.

"I lost it Wednesday morning, while getting ready for the day," said Father Jim Sichko.

Father Sichko spent much of his homily addressing the recent ice storm and for the hour-long mass humored his congregation.

"Although I knew the power was off, every time I walked into the bathroom, I flipped the light switch, over and over," said Father Sichko.

"Out of the eight flash lights in my house, I found out not one of them actually work," he went on to say.

Many of the people still without power who attended Sunday mass at St. Mark's said they've been told it could be another week before their electricity is restored.

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