Residents Feel Forgotten

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Residents of the Maple Grove Mobile Home Park in Lexington say they feel like they've been forgotten. They, like thousands of other Kentucky residents, have been without power since Tuesday. However, virtually all of the homes and businesses in their immediate vicinity have had power restored.

Ron Marshall says he's frustrated because he feels he's not getting any answers. He says when he tries to call KU, he's either put on hold for a very long time or has to make numerous calls to get through to someone. He also says no one can give him a timeline as to when he and his neighbors might have their power restored. Finally, he says no one has done welfare checks in the park. He says there are several elderly residents and several people in poor health that might need assistance from first responders.

Many of the Maple Grove residents say they feel they might be getting overlooked because of the fact that they live in a mobile home park. They feel the power companies might be putting them at the bottom of the list. They say they realize that they're not the only ones in the dark but are simply frustrated that everyone around them seems to have power.

Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry told NEWSFIRST that he has directed police to check on the residents at Maple Grove. Meantime, a Kentucky Utilities spokesperson says crews are working around the clock to restore power to all residents.

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