Holder Sworn in as Attorney General

WASHINGTON (AP) - Eric Holder has been sworn in as the nation's
attorney general, the first African-American to fill the job.
Vice President Joe Biden administered the oath to President
Barack Obama's pick to lead the Justice Department.
Biden said the department, under Holder, would return to a past
standard of "no politics, no ideology. Only a clear assessment of
facts and law."
Hundreds of department employees packed the hallways and
stairways to welcome Holder. To loud cheers and applause, he
pledged to remake the department by "taking it back to what it
once was and always has to be."
Holder was confirmed Monday evening by a 75-21 Senate vote, with
all the opposition coming from Republicans.
Holder takes over a department wracked by Bush administration
scandals over politically motivated hirings and firings.

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