Horse Owners Worried About Animals During Ice Storm

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The freezing temperatures have become a major concern. As temperatures dip below freezing, horses and livestock animals could be in danger.

Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner, Richie Farmer, says farmers are struggling to keep their animals safe and healthy.

He's asking the U.S. Agriculture Secretary to declare Kentucky an agriculture disaster.

This comes as no surprise to many people that own horses like Autumn Brown of Garrard County.

She and her family have spent the last week cleaning up from this storm on their Lancaster farm.

"There's a lot of fencing damage and tree damage", says Autumn Brown.

This family has been without power since last Tuesday morning, but that has not only been a big problem for them, but for their 23 horses as well.

With no power, they can't heat the tanks the horses are drinking from.

"Without running electric to the water tanks it's freezing and they're having problems drinking. It's been a task trying to break the water", Brown says.

So, without power and worried about her animals, which are a business to Autumn and her family, she's looking everywhere for help.

"We Begged the county and Department of Agriculture to help find us a generator, but we've had no luck", Autumn Brown says.

Like others, Autumn and her family will have to wait for power to finally come back on, hoping her horses also survive this storm.

"If they don't drink plenty of water, they're susceptible to colicing and that's a big issue for horses. I feel for everyone out there going through this", says Autumn Brown.

Commissioner Richie Farmer says in order for farmers to be able to recover from this storm, they'll need help quickly from the USDA.

He also says with power out across the state, getting water to animals hasn't been the only concern. Power lines and fences on farms have also been damaged from falling trees and limbs.

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