Out Of State Crews Turning Lights On

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Utility crews from all over the country are criss-crossing Kentucky to help restore power to thousands of Kentuckians left without it after last week's devastating ice storm.

Some crews have come from as far away as Southern Louisiana.

"We've been here since last Thursday, but the days are running together," Lee Garrett said with Cleco Electic out of Pineville, LA.

Garrett and about a crew of 50 mem have been going from neighborhood to neighborhood in Lexington.

"It's been a mess, lots of ice and now we're dealing with the cold and snow," he said.

Bobby Hamlet with Pike Electric out of Tennessee has been in Central Kentucky for nearly a week, restoring power to thousands.

"It's been a long process, but we are beginning to make progress and hopefully very soon, everyone in Lexington will be back on line," Hamlet said.

When the work is done here, many of the crews have already received their next assigments in Western Kentucky, where there are still tens of thousands of people who remain without electricity.

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