Testimony Starts In Hit- And-Run Trial

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Attorneys for a man charged in connection with the death of a UK student aren't denying their client was behind the wheel of the truck that hit her.

Shannon Houser is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, tampering with physical evidence and drug possession.

UK freshman Connie Blount was hit by a truck while crossing the street near campus last April.

Jury selection in the trial started on Tuesday and took the entire day because of the high nature profile of the case.

During opening statements on Wednesday morning, the defense acknowledged that Houser was driving at the time of the incident, but say the whole thing was just a horrible accident.

The prosecution has called several witnesses, including Connie Blount's father, Jack, and the man who was with Connie on the night she was hit.

That man was UK student Ryan Gish, who says he had just left a bar with Blount and was walking hand in hand with her as they approached the intersection of Maxwell and Broadway.

He told the jury as he crossed the street he noticed Blount had stopped midway and bent over to fix her boot or pick something up.

At the same time, Gish noticed a truck coming. He yelled to Blount but she didn't move, Gish says he watched as his friend was hit.

He says the truck then hit the brakes but never stopped to check.

The defense argues Houser never saw Blount because he was distracted by Gish waiving his arms in the road.

The trial will continue on Thursday.

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