Surrounded By Power, But In The Dark

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One Richmond family is still without power nine days after the ice storm, but all of their neighbors have it.

"It's true, we are the only ones. It's unbelievable," said William Osbourne.

Osbourne lives in the North Ridge Apartment community of North Keeneland Drive. His building is surrounded by apartments who have had power since Sunday.

"The power company blames a bad fuse in a transformer. Every time they fix it, it blows," said Osbourne.

Osbourne and his family got power Wednesday for about two hours, then it went dark once again.

"We are just fed up, it's so cold and we can't understand how we are the only ones left here without power," Osbourne went on to say.

They have been living by candle-light and using a gas powered fire place to keep warm, but with temperatures outside approaching sub-zero it's been difficult.

"Last night it was so cold, we could see our breath," Osbourne said. "At one point our thermostat read 40 degrees."

There are 11 other units in the building but most people have long left to find warmth

"We are keeping our fingers crossed, but we every time the power comes on, we don't get our hopes up, because it could be a matter of time before we lose it again," said Osbourne.

The power company has told the family it will be back Thursday to address the problem.

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