Power Restoration Efforts Continue

Crews are still working, more than a week after the ice storm, to restore power to thousands of people, still in the dark.

At the height of the storm, more than 769,000 Kentuckians were without power, but crews are making big progress in getting the lights back on. That number now stands at about 157,000.

Officials with Kentucky Utilities and other power companies vow that they are putting on the full court press to get everyone's power restored.

Hundreds of crews from other states are still here, working alongside Kentucky crews.

Kentucky utilities hopes that in Lexington nearly everyone could have their powered restored by Friday, but some might have to wait until next week, because this is the most difficult part of the restoration process.

Most of the major outages are taken care of, but now individual homes and businesses are being targeted.

KU officials say after the power is back on in Lexington, Richmond, Cynthiana and other parts of central Kentucky, the crews working here will go assist those in working to restore power in western Kentucky.

KU now has 35,000 customers without power statewide.

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