Sen. Leahy Says Food Makers Should Face Jail Time, Not Fines

WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont says food
producers responsible for widespread, deadly outbreaks of disease
should face jail time, not just fines.
Leahy said some food makers won't take federal and state health
rules seriously without tougher penalties. According to Leahy:
"Fines won't do it."
Leahy's comments came during a hearing before the Senate
Agriculture Committee looking into a salmonella outbreak stemming
from a Georgia peanut processing plant. Dr. Stephen Sundlof, the
Food and Drug Administration's food safety director, told Leahy a
criminal investigation is under way.
The outbreak has resulted in more than 550 illnesses and at
least eight deaths. More than 1,100 products have been recalled in
the wake of the outbreak.

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