National Guard Continues Helping Boyle County

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The Kentucky National Guard continues to help one of the harder hit areas in Central Kentucky by offering Boyle County residents food, water, and help.

The beginning of 2009 has been especially difficult for many people in Kentucky. The Commonwealth is now a federal disaster area and the Kentucky National Guard is going door to door checking on people who've been without power.

"Do you know about our electric?", one resident asked Sgt. Chazarae Garcia.

For more than a week, that's been the big question for the Kentucky National Guard as they've been out checking on people hit hard by the winter storm.

"We're doing a community welfare check, do you have power?", Sgt. Garcia asked one resident.

The Kentucky National Guard is handing out food, water, and supplies to residents who may need the help during this power outage. In Boyle County, they still have over 2,000 people without power leaving a lot of ground to cover for these men and women and a lot of people to check on.

"I'm excited to see the smile on their faces when they know we are here to help", says Sgt. Garcia.

On another note, for residents of Boyle County who are customers of the Perryville Water Department, a boil water advisory is still in effect for those people.