Meade County Residents Restore Historic Area

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Meade County Cooperation Extension Service has partnered with the UK Forestry Department to restore the Buttermilk Falls Historic Site.

The Buttermilk Falls Historic Site was once littered with tires and old appliances, but has now been restored to it's natural beauty and serves as a great nature trail for local residents.

Jennifer Bridge, Meade Co. Extension Agent, says, "We wanted the physical activity component. We wanted it to be a place where families could come and spend time exercising together."

In Kentucky Agriculture news, 2008 proved to be a record-breaking year for some farms. Overall, Kentucky farm receipts registered 4.7 billion dollars. However, the downturn in international economy hurt the sales of horses. Beef producers battled drought conditions and the rising costs for fertilizer, fuel, and feed.

UK economists still predict positive farm receipts numbers for 2009. Unfortunately, the potential limited access to credit and the strength of the American dollar could affect higher profits generated by Kentucky's key farm products.

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