Limbs Left Behind, Big Cleanup Begins

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The number of Kentuckians still without power is dropping; officials say some 157 thousand are still in the dark.

As the lights come back on, it's now time to start the massive cleanup effort.

But disposing of all the tree limbs that were damaged in the storm isn't going to be easy or quick.

The Division of Solid Waste in Lexington has been collecting downed limbs for several days.

"It's a huge task -- one we are willing to tackle, said Kelvin Jackson, Division of Solid Waste Operations Manager. "It's just going to take a while."

Jackson says his crews have already picked up more than fifty loads of debris from Lexington neighborhoods.

"We will probably top 100 loads very soon, and it will only add up from there," Jackson said.

Crews are working according to their normal garbage collection schedule.

But debris won't be picked up for the next day until work has been completed for the previous one.

This week crews have been focusing on areas with Monday pick-up.

"We are just asking everyone to be patient. We will get to you, but it might not be right away," Jackson went on to say.

The cleanup could take more than five weeks or into the month of April.

Early estimates put the amount of debris around 23,000 tons, far shy of the nearly 75,000 tons during the 2003 ice storm.

At this time, pickup is only for residents with city collection. Those with private garbage collection can contact their carriers for more information.

Lexington Debris Drop off Sites:

1) 1631 Old Frankfort Pike

2) 4253 Hedger Lane

7am to 4:30pm Monday - Friday

7am to 12pm Saturday

(Beginning Monday February 9th)

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