Man Robs Bank, Waits For Police

A suspected bank robber is in police custody, but investigators said his motive was not stealing money.

Louisville police say all their suspect wanted was a one-way ticket back to prison, preferably in the federal system.

It was Wednesday morning when a man walked into a Stock Yards Bank on Mud Lane in far southern Jefferson County.

He allegedly handed a teller a note demanding cash and indicating he was armed with a gun.

"The teller complied with the suspect's demand and the suspect had a seat and indicated he was going to wait for police," Lt. Jim Mueller said. "He wouldn't take the money."

Mueller said when officers arrived, 38-year-old Edward Taylor Sutherland III raised his hands and surrendered. It turns out he did not have a gun, either.

"He indicated he was tired of living with his parents, that he did not have a job, did not have a vehicle and wanted to go back to prison," Mueller said.

Sutherland's mother said her son hadn't worked for months.

Sutherland, who has spent time behind bars in the past, told investigators he decided to rob a bank so he would avoid state prison and instead go to federal prison, where conditions are better.

But this case doesn't qualify for federal prosecution.

"He's facing one count of robbery, which carries 10 to 20 years in the state penitentiary," Mueller said.

Sutherland's mother said she's sorry her son is likely headed back to prison. She's also sorry he chose her bank to rob.

Sutherland is being held on a $50,000 full cash bond.

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