Money For Storm Victims?

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Governor Steve Beshear was in Lexington Friday morning talking about the continued storm relief.

President Obama's Major Disaster Declaration for Kentucky means money is on the way, but as Governor Beshear explained, it may not mean a whole lot to individual Kentuckians. He says it means much more on the State and Local levels.

Beshear says the declaration allows him to start working on the reimbursement to the local levels of government, including school districts, cities, counties and the state for action taken to get people back on their feet.

Beshear says there are a few programs for individual reimbursement that are far more difficult to qualify for. Mostly they are for property damage through FEMA and the Small Business Administration.

Beshear said he is unaware of any programs that would reimburse people for generators they purchased, but says the loss of home or business due to storm damage could qualify individuals for help. He says he is unsure if any Kentuckians will qualify for any of those assistance programs.

Beshear did say he is continuing to fight for every dollar and get any type of assistance he can.

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