Scam Artists Target Storm Victims

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As people continue to clean up what remains from last week's ice storm, authorities are warning you to watch out for scam artists.

Kentucky Utilities says in the last two days they've already been alerted about people impersonating KU workers.

The Versailles Police Department had a report this week that they believe may be a scam artist, involving three people in a blue Mercury Sable.

"They had no books and were asking if they had cable, Internet, and telephone asking if they were satisfied and if it was on. We feel like they were casing out the potential places to try to break in or to steal," said Officer Pat Melton with Versailles Police.

Police say the best thing residents can do if they see a suspicious vehicle in the are they believe may be a scam artist, is to notify authorities and neighbors.

Here are some tips to protest yourself: if you think someone is suspicious, ask to see their business license and an insurance binder from their company. Never pay for work up front and obtain a business card from the person that you can check out. Ask for references and call them to make sure the person is legit, and write down their license plate, and notify police if you believe they are scam artists. You can also see if the company is listed in a phone book, or check with your Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

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