California Pushes For Cleaner Air And Earth-Baby To Sell "Green" Diapers

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California is in the middle of a 4-year battle with Washington and the auto industry in an effort to reduce air pollution. They have been waiting for approval to put into place a standard on tailpipe emissions.

By 2020, the federal government will require cars and some trucks to get at least 35 mpg. California's plan would require vehicles to get 42.5 mpg by the same year.

Meanwhile, a new diaper service from Sweden is producing compostable diapers. EARTH-BABY has developed a way to make leak-free, environmentally-friendly diapers made from corn-based plastic and wood pulp.

The used diapers are run through a high temperatures compost that kills e coli and 14 weeks later, the product breaks down into a top soil.

To order the "green" diapers go to

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