Family, Several Pets Barely Escape Burning Home

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LEXINGTON, KY -- A Lexington family escapes their burning house early Sunday morning at their Maryland Avenue home, one person plucked from a rooftop. Family pets also were saved by firefighters.

One woman was rescued by firefighters from the roof of the house after she crawled out of a window to escape the flames.

A fire official on the scene also said that several of the family's dogs "were near death," but they were able to revive them with a special resuscitation device recently added to Lexington Fire Department trucks.

She was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries but was released just hours later.

Her fiance and three children also escaped the burning home unharmed.

The outside of the home suffered minor damage but on the inside of the house, the damage was extensive and most of the family's belonging were destroyed.

Investigators say they believe a short in an upstairs electrical cord started the flames.

The family didn't have insurance. If you would like to help them, you can reach them at (859) 576-9775.

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