Closed Cemetery Upsets Marine's Mom

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22-year-old Lance Corporal Tommy Bullen died in May 2007, after drowning off Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

Bullen was from Richmond and a 2003 graduate from Madison Central High School. He was buried in Richmond Cemetery with full military honors.

But for the last two weeks, his mother, Tamara Bullen hasn't been able to visit her son.

"I haven't been able to get into the cemetery for two-weeks now," said Tamara Bullen.

The cemetery has been locked up since the ice storm hit two weeks ago.

"There's damage, yes, but it's not bad enough to keep family members from going to visit our loved ones," she went on to say.

Bullen continues to drive to the cemetery everyday hoping it will be unlocked. She's even offered to help with the cleanup. However, cemetery officials will only tell her, they don't know when it will be ready to open again.

"It's just really frustrating, I miss my son the same today as I did two years ago and it breaks my heart that I can't visit him," said Bullen.

Tamara Bullen says she's trying to get others together for this coming week, who might be willing to help with the cleanup.

Tommy Bullen served two tours in Iraq.

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