Woman and Child Survive Frightening Accident

A young mother is glad to be alive after she and her baby are involved in a frightening Estill County crash. Now she says it's thanks to her seatbelt and the kindness of a stranger that she's ok.

April Hoover was finished with her classes at Eastern KY University and had just picked up her 18-month-old daughter from her mom & Dad's house.

When she came around a familiar curve on Dry Branch Road in Irvine, she saw something she wasn't expecting. A car involved in a wreck sitting on the side of the road. Hoover lost control and flipped her jeep. She believes her seat belt saved her life.

"I wouldn't have made it cause I was hanging in the car," said Hoover.

Stuck in her seat, Hoover was worried about the baby. But a stranger who'd been involved in the accident Hoover swerved to avoid made a huge difference.

"I was scared at first. Then a lady got her out of the car-seat and she was fine."

Hoover says she'll continue to drive these roads.

Police don't believe speed was a factor in this accident.