Woman in Trouble With the Law After Claiming to be Hurricane Victim

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It's an unthinkable act. A woman claims to be a Hurricane Katrina victim, and gets help from unsuspecting Kentuckians.

Police believe she may have been making the story up. She’s already been arrested in Maryland.
Police say Sandra Suiter claimed her three-year-old twins were killed during the hurricane and took thousands of dollars in charitable money.

Now police in Maryland say those children never existed and they wonder if that's not the only thing she lied about.

The Red Cross in Frankfort says Suiter came to them and they gave her three hundred dollars. After hearing of her arrest, some wonder if she was profiting from a disaster.

The Frankfort Commonwealth's Attorney says if he is contacted by authorities in Maryland, Suiter could be prosecuted here if they think she took money unlawfully from Frankfort.

The Frankfort Commonwealth's Attorney says could face 1 to 5 years in prison if charges are brought against her in Kentucky.