Local Restaurants Deal With E. coli Outbreak

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The number of E. coli cases across the country continues to climb.
So far the F-D-A has received reports of illnesses from 20 states.
The outbreak has killed one person and made nearly one hundred others sick.

Now some restaurants are taking steps to protect their customers.

At Lexington's own Joe Bologna's there are only a few options that include spinach. After some contaminated spinach was discovered in the state, managers at this and many other restaurants have made sure to make spinach dishes unavailable.

So far, there have been 20 states, including Kentucky, that have been affected with at least 94 E. coli cases. Each person who's caught the infection so far has eaten contaminated bagged spinach.

Most restaurants have thrown away their spinach, but to be on the safe side, health officials are warning people not to eat spinach at all for the next few days.

Federal health officials have linked the E. coli outbreak to spinach products from Natural Selection Foods based in California.