Peanut Alert Delivered To Homes In 35 Counties

Federal officials say some of the meal kits they've been giving away to ice storm victims in Kentucky, may contain peanut butter that's involved in the national salmonella scare.

Monday, warnings on the peanut scare are being delivered to homes in 35 Kentucky counties. FEMA has enlisted an army of foot soldiers to warn hundreds of thousand of Kentucky residents about a possible threat.

We followed one of the hundreds of salmonella scare messengers, and for many the messengers sent to their area will be a familiar face.

Though FEMA is urging everyone to throw away their peanut and peanut butter products, it's also making it clear to citizens it has no proof, or no factual reason to believe the products it distributed are salmonella tainted.

Most of the 35 counties receiving the alerts Monday are in western Kentucky counties like Daviess, McCracken, and Warren.

They were also handed out in Lincoln and Wolfe Counties.

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