Man Who Rescued Boy From Lake Talks To 27NEWSFIRST

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Police say the mother of a boy who had to be rescued from the lake at Jacobson Park Monday will not be charged.

It happened just after six o'clock near Jacobson's creative playground.

Patrick Flanigan and his family were walking across the bridge, when they saw something floating in the water.

"At first we didn't know what it was, as we got closer, we knew it was a person," Patrick Flanigan said.

Flanigan jumped into the water and pulled the kid out, and immediately attempted CPR on the child.

"His body was lifeless, like a doll, to be honest I thought he was already gone," said Flanigan.

Another passerby helped with resuscitating the kid.

"He finally began crying, which meant he was getting oxygen to his lungs, that was a big relief," Flanigan went on to say.

Many question where the child's mother was when he fell into the lake. Flanigan said, that's something he's still trying to figure out.

"It was at least 10 minutes before she showed up" he said. "When she did, she told us she was looking for the boy near the playground."

The boy was taken to UK Hospital by ambulance. Lexington police say, the two-year was released Tuesday afternoon and is recovering well.

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