Skipping A Parent Teacher Conference May Cost You

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A Kentucky Lawmaker wants to make parent teacher meetings mandatory, and those who don't attend could face a fine.

Representative Adam Koenig, a Republican from Erlanger Kentucky, says parental involvement in their children's education is directly involved in their success, saying it begins with meeting with the teachers.

Koenig says it's especially important in low income areas of the Commonwealth where 20-30 percent of the parents don't attend parent teacher conferences.

According to the Bill parents who don't meet with their child's teacher within 90 days of school could be fined 50 dollars and if they continue to ignore the teacher, fines could reach $200.

Koenig says the fines are based on the punishment for parents with students that skip school.

27NEWSFIRST spoke with some parents at Veteran's Park Elementary, where officials say 98% of parents attend parent teacher conferences.

We found the reactions to be mixed. Some say parents should attend conferences and if that means pulling out all the stops such as fines then so be it.

Others say it may be taking things too far to institute fines, saying they sympathize with parents who find it hard to make time to attend scheduled conferences.

The Northern Kentucky Representative says he's not married to the idea of imposing fines, saying anyone with a better idea is free to contact him.

The Bill is currently in the Education Committee.

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