Interstate 64 Shut Down After Trailer Detached from Semi-Truck

A portion of Interstate 64 in Montgomery County is shut down after a trailer came loose from a semi-truck and ended up crashing into a ditch.

The truck driver says he swerved to miss a deer and that's when his trailer must have come loose.

At first, the trucker didn't realize he had lost the load. He continued to drive to the next exit, at mile 109, and then called police. The accident happened about 12:30 a.m. at mile marker 105. Police say the trailer was carrying hazardous material, Anox AM, an antioxidant.

Police say they plan to open both lanes of the interstate Monday night but will close one lane at alternating times and will close it again Tuesday morning so they can continue cleaning up the spill. Traffic on the interstate has been slow going all day and is expected to be delayed tomorrow.