House Seeks Testimony from Peanut Corp. President

WASHINGTON (AP) - The head of a small, family-owned peanut
company at the heart of a salmonella investigation has been
summoned to Congress by lawmakers seeking answers.
Stewart Parnell, president of Peanut Corp. of America, was
subpoenaed for a hearing today of the House Energy and Commerce
Committee. The committee investigation is starting to zero in on
the question of who was responsible for the outbreak that has
sickened at least 600 people and may have contributed to eight
Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak says he wants know how Peanut
Corp. managed to sell allegedly tainted goods month after month
without triggering action by state and federal health authorities.
The company, now under FBI investigation, makes only about 1
percent of U.S. peanut products. But its ingredients are used by
dozens of other food companies.

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