Three Men Arrested for Unusual Scam

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Three people accused of scamming several business in two states are locked up in Paris tonight. Police arrested the three after they ran a red light -- but the traffic stop is when the story took a big twist.

The unusual story started when three customers walked into a Paris Wal-Mart -- and for some reason, the women stood out to managers there.

"There were three African-American females trying to pass stolen checks," Major Tim Gray, Paris Police, said.

Police say all three were in on Saturday doing the same thing -- so the manager called police. That's when the women took off and police say the trio ran a red light. That's when they pulled the women over.

But, when Gray ran the plates, the car came back to a Louisville man, leading him to believe the car could possibly be stolen. But then another officer whispered in his ear -- they weren't women, they're men.

"I just thought were were out with three of the ugliest females I''d ever seen," Gray said.

Police say while the three don't make the best looking women, they have been successful crooks. Police say they've been passing stolen checks from women in two states -- including Kentucky and have purchased around $1,000 worth of merchandise throughout the state.

Police say the men dressed as women to pass the stolen checks and disguise their real identities as men.

The three men are behind bars tonight, charged with criminal possession of forged instruments and receiving stolen property.