High School Student Helps Out After School Bus Accident

A wild ride this morning for some Fleming County students on their way to school.
Their bus tipped over on a rural Ryan Road. The driver ran off the road and the bus tipped over into a ditch. The bus was carrying the driver and 10 students.
It was a scary situation for students, but an unlikely hero emerged from the accident.
Kody Moore, who was the only high school student on the bus, was quick on his feet and able to keep the younger kids calm and safe in a frantic situation.
"I stood up and walked to the front to check on the younger kids and there were 3 or 4 crying and I just told them it'd be OK," he said.
Kody said he didn't even think twice. He just knew he had to spring into action and take care of these young kids.
Fleming County's Superintendent says the bus driver had nothing but good things to say about how Kody responded to the situation and played a big role in keeping everyone calm.
After they were safely evacuated from the bus, the students were taken on to school and checked out by the nurse. Four students complained of injuries, but none were said to be severe.