Fugitive Captured at Home After 36 Hours On The Run

An eastern Kentucky man with a history of mental illness surrendered quietly to police Wednesday morning after allegedly shooting three people in this rural, tight-knit community.

Billy Sartin, 47, was accused of killing Jeffrey Mattox, 41, and Billy Proctor, 53, and wounding Sue Collins Monday night in Inez, about 40 miles north of Pikeville near the West Virginia border.

Sheriff Garmon Preece says he ran out of places to look for alleged gunman Billy Sartin after nearly two days of searching.

"My last thing was to watch the house. That's the only thing I had left," Preece said.

Early Wednesday morning, he says he saw dogs at the house, and to him, that meant their owner Billy Sartin was there, so he called for back-up.

"We hollered at him to come out. He opened up the door and came out. He didn't have a weapon on him," Sheriff Preece said.

Sartin's family says he had just gotten there.

They say Sartin didn't tell them where he had been and he didn't talk about the shootings, but he did know the officers were there to arrest him.

"He walked to the door, he walked out on the porch and he put his hands above his head and he surrendered peacefully," Latonia Morrison said.

Like everyone else, his family is looking for answers and wondering what led to the triple shooting.

His family says he suffers from mental illness which could have led to the violence..

"He thinks that people are out to get him. For three weeks he's gone around saying he thinks somebody is trying to poison him," Morrison said.

"We are so deeply remorseful for the family and we are so sorry and if we could bring them back, we would,"

Martin County residents we spoke to say they'll rest easier, knowing Sartin is in jail.