Scrimping On Gifts This Holiday?

Many people give gifts on Valentine's Day.

But with so many people out of work, and with no signs of the economy rebounding soon, you might wonder if folks are spending less this year to express their love?

Denny Trease has more.

Nothing says Valentine's Day like red roses, but they don't come cheap.

The Flower Depot sells them for $70 a dozen.

Cherity Christoper says, "that's arranged in a vase with greenery and baby's breath and a bow, and we always try to add something like a piece of candy or something like that, but this year we did a special just because of the economy being as bad as it is. If you ordered a dozen red roses to be delivered today, then we give you a coupon for a free dozen roses to be redeemed any time in the month of July."

Chocolates have long been a Valentine's staple as well, but with so many people counting calories now, might think a box of candy would be a tough sell.

Judging from the crowd at Old Kentucky Chocolate's today, there are still plenty of folks more than willing to indulge their love of sweets.

Don Hurt says, "yesterday was unbelievable. chocolate is the #1 treat for Valentine's in the whole world, and also we're dipping grapes and strawberries. Strawberries take care of some of the sweets. It's a natural sugar."

But it's the sentiment, not the sweets that really matter on Valentine's Day, the kind of sentiment expressed so eloquently
in a hallmark card.

Yahoo reports its online searches for free Valentine's Day cards are up 224% this year and searches for cheap flowers are up 102%.