Shots Fired In Pizza Store Robbery

The search is on for a man, police say came into a Lexington pizza store, demanded money and then fled.

Lexington Police say a white man, possibly in his 40's, came into the Papa John's on Nicholasville Road and told the clerks to take the register out and give him money. The clerks obliged but the man then demanded to be taken to a safe in the back of the store.

When no one was able to unlock the safe, the suspect fired shots in the wall. He then left the store.

The whole incident was caught on tape, and officials are pouring over those images.

Several people were inside the store at the time of the robbery but no one was hurt.

The suspect has a redish-blond goatee, and was wearing a black Starter hoodie, jeans and safety goggles at the time of the robbery.

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