New Details About Deadly Plane Crash

There are new details about a deadly plane crash in New York, that claimed 50 lives.

The NTSB now says the plane did not nose dive into a home, as witnesses reported, but landed, instead, flat on the house.

They also say the plane was pointed away from the Buffalo airport it was attempting to land at.

Investigators say that further points to the possibility the pilot was fighting ice, as air safety guidelines allow a pilot to try a 180 degree turn to shake off ice.

While the investigation continues, medical examiners began removing bodies today, a process they say could go into next week.

Crews at the scene are battling weather, cold iced up most of the water being put on the wreckage today, and a snowstorm is expected in the area next week.

Investigators say it could be more than a year before they have a cause for the crash.

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