Volunteers Help Cleanup Storm Debris

Cleanup continues in communities across the state. Last month's ice storm and this week's high winds left a lot of trees and limbs down. There are even folks from other states helping storm victims in Eastern Kentucky.

Sherry Buresh says, "it's pretty widespread, it's all over, it's not just Johnson County. I mean, all the surrounding counties have been hit."

Buresh is the disaster relief coordinator for the Christian Appalachian Project. She says dozens of volunteers are joining the cleanup efforts for those in need. "We've got them coming in from as far away as Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Georgia, so they're coming in from everywhere to join up with us."

Ronald Blanton says, "the roof made it, but the carport didn't. But you know, it could have been worse." Blanton says with a disability, the recent storms left him needing assistance getting rid of downed trees.
"There's a lot of people like me who don't know where to look and how to ask or who to ask or maybe even too proud to ask."

Volunteers like Martha Channell say she's glad to give back to the community and help those like Blanton. There's a lot of people especially in this area that can't, they just physically aren't able to come out and do these things for themselves and do the work. It's great to have the opportunity to come out and help people."

Blanton says, "it means everything in the world. I can't afford to do it and I would just be in a mess forever if it wasn't for these great people here today."

Workers say they expect to be clearing debris for the rest of the week.

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