Police Searching For Pharmacy Robbers

Donell Busroe opened her own pharmacy in Harlan only three months ago with one thing in mind, helping her community. "And so I felt like if I had my own place I could really concentrate on people who really needed that little bit of extra help."

But Friday night two people preyed on Busroe's calling to help. The camouflaged duo broke in to the pharmacy, leaving with powerful pain killers. They also took her sense of security. "I grew up here and I feel like I can trust people and I know people, but obviously there have been people in here that could not be trusted."

Busroe believes the pair cased her store before breaking into it Friday. That's because once they busted through the front door, they were out with the pills they wanted in less than a minute. "I've been playing it in my head is there anything that could have been differently and you know people are desperate right now and they want drugs."

Busroe says the robbery will not stop her from making sure customers get the medications they need. "I just want them to feel they are safe and secure down here because that is of up-most importance to me and I will be doing everything I can to ensure that." And hopefully, prevent something like this from happening again.

If you know anything that may help solve this burglary case, call Harlan police.

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