Pipe Bomb Explodes In Mailbox

An investigation is underway in Laurel County Monday where state and federal agents are looking into a pipe bomb explosion.

Kentucky State Police and the ATF are at a home on Moberly Ben Road, where they say a pipe bomb blew up in the home's mailbox Saturday evening, outside of Corbin.

The homeowner, Larry Burgin, says he was inside his home Saturday night when he heard an explosion outside. The next morning Burgin walked to this mailbox only to find it blasted into pieces. Burgin says he knew exactly what caused the explosion when he saw a copper pipe bomb on the ground.

Burgin says he doesn't know why anyone would target him.

A KSP special investigations unit is on the scene along with the postal inspector.

Investigators say the person or persons responsible for the pipe bomb explosion will face federal charges.

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