Crash Victim's Family Speaks Out

The family of a crash victim seriously injured Saturday, speaks to 27NEWSFIRST about their efforts to help him recover.

30-year old Timmy Hopkins was rushed to the hospital after a mack truck fell on his car during a terrible accident. Police say Hopkins' didn't yield at an intersection, pulling in front of the truck, which caused the crash.

Hopkins suffered 2 collapsed lungs, 12 cracked ribs, and swelling to the brain.

Hopkins' family says he has a long road to recovery and they are sitting by his side, hoping for the best.

Hopkins' sister says his pregnant wife has by his bed side since the incident, reading to him. They also say his wife plays a taped cassette of his daughter's voice, to give him a sense of home.

There is some good news Monday, doctors say they were able to partially fix one of his collapsed lungs.

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