Comair Crash Concerns

Concerns over the crash of Comair flight 5191 in the Nation's Capitol Tuesday.

Controversy still surrounds the crash that took 49 lives.

Kentucky Congressman Ben Chandler asking a Congressional Committee to enforce policy, so such a tragedy doesn't happen again.

Chandler says F.A.A Officials told him after the crash, that according to policy, there must be two air traffic controllers in towers at all times.

Chandler says he called Tuesday's hearing after learning the F.A.A. disregarded their own rules. He says he wants to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

According to Chandler's Spokesperson, The FAA and NTSB spoke out, defending their record - stating air travel has never been safer.

The hearing comes a day after Circuit Court Judge Pamela Goodwine threatened to hold Cincinnati-based Comair in contempt of court, for not providing the court with contact information for victim's families.

Goodwine has sent letters to family members alerting them to a private runway inspection next Wednesday.

The inspection is open to family members and their lawyers.