Deputy Involved In Deadly Shooting Not Indicted

When it happened, police said they would leave it up to a grand jury to decide if an off -duty sheriff's deputy should be charged for a deadly shooting.

Monday, that grand jury in Nicholas County weighed in saying there just isn't enough evidence for a conviction. Brenda Pollitt's family feels justice was not served. Pollitt's sister spoke out for the first time saying she was in court Monday morning and couldn't believe the grand jury's decision.

"They couldn't even look at me and then they looked at me, and he would just hang his head and his wife was shaken and it was awful."

That's what Jill Johnson recalls of this morning's court proceedings when the Nicholas County Grand Jury said there wasn't enough evidence to charge Boone County Sheriff's Deputy Scotty Hill with anything in regard to the shooting death of Johnson's sister, 55 year old Brenda Pollitt.

"He shot my sister in the back, bullet come out of her chest...I want justice and it's what my family wants," Johnson says.

Police were called to Pollitt's horse farm on Headquarters Road just before the new year, and found Pollitt dead.

State police say Deputy Hill, who was off duty at the time, showed up at the farm to buy a horse from Pollitt's nephew. Police reports say Pollitt came out of the home and was angry, waving a pistol and threatening Hill. Police say that's when Hill fired several shots at Pollitt, killing her.

"I just want answers," says Johnson.

But today, she got an answer she didn't want. The man who shot her sister is now free to go on living his life while her sister's is dead.

"I want the man that shot my sister in the back put away."

The Boone County Sheriff says Deputy Hill is still on administrative leave. We're told it will stay that way until he's ready to come back.

The sheriff says the department has always supported Hill and says the deadly shooting was in self defense.

Calls to the Nicholas County Commonwealth's Attorney were not returned.

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