Student Allegedly Assaulted by Principal

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A Nicholas County principal waits for word about his job, and a mother wants answers after an incident at Nicholas County High School.

15-year-old Dusty Green says he was just getting over an injury to his collarbone.

"I broke it on a four-wheeler a couple weeks before", Green says.

He says it was almost healed until an alleged incident at Nicholas County High School last week.

"It was very, very violent", says Michelle Green, the student's mother.

The boy says his cell phone was taken away from him by the school principal, Joseph Orazen, for supposedly being on. He admits later in the day he did some things to the principal out of anger, but never expected to be thrown to the ground re-injuring him.

The whole ordeal was caught on surveillance tape.

"It was outrageous. I did view the videotape and you worry about a lot with kids, but you don't worry about having to deal with violence at school with teachers", says Michelle Green.

The school board can not say much about the incident, only releasing this statement.

"Mr. Orazen was placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation will be completed", says Hank Bond, the Nicholas County School Board Director of Public Relations and Information.

This must first go through the Kentucky Department of Education and the Nicholas County Board of Education.

"I can't even project how long. In some neighboring districts it has taken months, so we won't rob anyone of their due process here", says Hank Bond.

At that point, it will be determined what exactly happened in this incident, and if the principal did injure this student.

We did attempt to contact the principal for reaction to the allegations. Meanwhile, the student in this incident has been placed on suspension and his mother says they are seeking a lawyer.

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