U.S. Marshall Shoots Pregnant Woman

New details are emerging about an officer involved shooting over the weekend.

U.S. Marshall's shot into the car of a family in Louisville who they thought were fugitives on the run. U.S. Marshalls' say they were searching for a fugitive but what they ended up doing was shooting a pregnant woman.

The search in the Crittenden St. area of Louisville over the weekend was for a federal fugitive.

U.S. Marshall's in unmarked vehicles thought they spotted the fugitive in a silver car. When they began to approach on foot, the driver, Marcus Brewer sped off. His lawyer says he thought the men in the cars were trying to rob he and his pregnant girlfriend.

As Brewer drove away, the Marshall's reportedly opened fire on the car, shooting expectant mother Courtney Pruitt in the arm. When police caught the vehicle they charged brewer with wanton endangerment, and endangering the life of the child.

But he's not being charged as a fugitive.

His lawyer says it's obviously because they have the wrong person.
U.S. Marshall's are not saying if Brewer is the fugitive they are looking for.

He is being held in a Jefferson County Jail, pending further investigation.

Courtney Pruitt, the pregnant woman who was shot, is facing charges for possession of marijuana that authorities say they found in the car.

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