Bad Weather Brings Bad Luck As Burglaries Rise In Small Town

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Victims of recent break-ins say the recent storms and strings of bad weather provided the back drop for a string of commerical and residential burglaries in Mt. Olivet.

Three separate people tell 27NEWSFIRST they've been victimized during the worst part of winter in terms of weather.

They say the criminals broke in through a window or in two cases pried the door open to get inside an apartment office, school buildings, and a UK Extension Office building.

According to the Superintendent the school break in happened during one of the coldest nights of the year, saying the people responsible only got away with a few dollars.

A staff member at the UK Extension office says the cold weather caused a pipe to burst at the office, then while cleaning up they realized they were robbed of around 100 dollars. A few days later they were robbed again.

The last victim, the manager of The Robertson Square Apartment Complex, says the door was pryed open and petty cash was taken along with a digital camera.

Now all three are hoping someone knows who may be responsible. Anyone with information is asked to call the Police.

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