Fifth Grader Hailed As A Hero For Calling 911

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A ten-year-old girl is being hailed as a hero for calling 911 to help someone she didn't even know.

Allyson Smith and her father Brandon Smith were on their way to a doctor's appointment when they were nearly run off Ninevah Road near River Valley.

"He came across the center-line, I saw him clenching his chest, he was definitely unconscious," said Brandon Smith.

Smith left the car to check on the man who wrecked in a nearby yard. But first he gave his daughter an important task.

"He just threw me the phone and said call 911," Allyson Smith said.

It's a responsibility most kids her age don't even understand.

"She answered all of the questions I asked her, she was very calm, it was amazing," said Franklin County dispatcher Jessica Wooldridge.

Allyson stayed on the line until paramedics arrived, they were able to revive the man and he made a full recovery.

"I feel pretty good about it, because it was the first time I've ever had to call 911," Allyson Smith went on to say.

Allyson is a fifth grader at Elkhorn Elementary School in Frankfort. On Friday she received an award from the Franklin County Dispatch Center.

Coincidentally, Allyson Smith was featured in our big brothers-big sister's piece two weeks ago. She is still on the waiting list to find a mentor.

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