Woman Attacked by Chimp Undergoes Surgery

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - A Connecticut woman is in critical
condition after being attacked by a friend's domesticated
A relative says Charla Nash underwent surgery last night and
came out of it "OK."
Police say the chimp inexplicably attacked Nash, who had gone to
her friend's home in Stamford yesterday to help her coax the animal
back into the house after it got out.
Authorities say owner Sandra Herold wrestled with the chimp,
stabbed it with a butcher knife and hit it with a shovel before it
was finally shot dead by police.
The chimp, known as Travis, once starred in TV commercials for
Old Navy and Coca-Cola.
An expert on primates at the Bronx Zoo says that chimpanzees are
unpredictable and dangerous even after living among humans for

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