Thieves Target Knox High School, Steal Stuff With Toddler In Tow

Lynn Camp High School officials say their surveillance video captured the 2 or 3 year old child helping the adults open lockers. Yet they didn't steal any valuables under lock and key. Instead they went to the locker rooms...and stole basketball uniforms and shoes. One of them even changed clothes...during the course of the crime.

“It was kind of odd to see one young man, with Levi’s on...then he's got on long shorts, the kind the kids like to wear,” said Principal Larry Mills, from what he observed in the surveillance video.

The burglary hit one student especially hard...who not only lost his shoes, but an important medical device inside them.

Calleb Burnette requires $300 insoles in both of his shoes because of arthritis. When the thieves took his shoes...they also took his insoles.

“They keep me from having pain in my feet,” said Burnette.

And now he doesn't know he'll replace them.

“I don't think my family could pay for it. Because my dad is disabled. My mom is working 3 jobs to pay all the bills,” said the student-athlete.

Through the surveillance video, police say Brian Mills, 20, was identified as one of the burglars. He agreed to give his side of the story from the Knox County Jail, then backed out at the last minute. Police are still looking for 3 others.

Burnette just wants his insoles back.

“Right now, my feet's hurting, but it ain't going to stop me from playing,” he said.

Police say in addition to basketball uniforms and gear, the four thieves also took a video camera used to tape games.

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