Recent Storms May Fuel Forest Fires

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First the ice then the wind has left the red river gorge littered with branches and trees, now officials are concerned what will happen now that forest fire season has started.

Tim Eling is a manager in the Red River Gorge and he says last year two campfires were the cause of two forest fires, the first burned 70 acres, the second, 600 acres.

This year he's hoping it doesn't happen again.

He offers these tips to those campers wanting to keep a fire at their site;

First clear a space making sure to look above for loose limbs in the trees.

Second clear away dry leaves and create a ring of stones.

Third collect fallen branches, don't bother to chop any wood their is plenty around.

Lastly, when the fire is out stir the ashes, and don't leave until the fire is out to the point where you can touch the ashes and they don't feel hot.

Eling says he once saw a fire start three days after the fire was supposedly out.

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